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4 Tips To Read Before Your First Therapy Session

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People often ask if there’s something they should “do” before their first session, or if they should expect to feel a certain way before & after. 

We asked our Frame Therapists to weigh in and share some insights on what to expect, and ways you can enhance your sessions. Here are some highlights: 

Tip 1: Be open minded heading into your first therapy session

This is the time where your therapist is developing a comprehensive understanding of what is going on for you right now, and how they can best help you. You may find some overlap from your intro call, that is totally normal.

Tip 2: Try scheduling a 5 min break before and after your session

Allowing yourself a moment of pause from work, or your daily responsibilities, right before & after a session, this can help ease your mindset. This is also a nice time to jot down your reflections.

If you’re working from the same area where you will be joining your virtual session, try taking a quick walk, or even just exiting and returning into the room to allow for a momentary change of setting. 

Tip 3: Have a notebook handy

Try writing down your reactions, thoughts, or reflections from a session to track progress or thoughts that come up for you. You can also make note to yourself any questions you might want to ask your therapist.

Tip 4: Know that building a new relationship with your therapist can take some time, and that is absolutely normal. 

While listening to your gut reaction is important we also encourage you to give the relationship the chance to develop. Starting therapy can feel awkward or uncomfortable at times when you’re discussing topics that you may not usually speak about.

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