Common Insecurities New Moms Face


Valerie Hamaker LPC MA NCC CPT

With Valerie Hamaker LPC MA NCC CPT

All May we partnered with Your Mom Cares to give back to all the moms doing so much during this unprecedented time. 

In this discussion, Licensed Therapist Valerie Hamaker and mom Lesley dig into some typical insecurities faced by young moms working through their own identity development in the throes of young motherhood. Val went through this herself four times and has walked countless other young moms through this challenging phase. Join this session to feel empowered and hopefully find a sense of camaraderie with fellow young mamas!

About Valerie Hamaker: Valerie has a Master’s Degree in counseling with special training in marriage and family counseling. She enjoys working with individuals and couples in all life stages, weaving elements of emotional, spiritual, mental, and relationship wellness into her clinical work. 

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