A Beginner's Breathwork Exercise

Coping Skills

Lydia Luna

With Lydia Luna

Frame Therapist Lydia Luna leads an intro to breathwork exercise (8min) for anyone looking to connect with their breath, release stuck emotions, reduce stress or find healing.

If you're curious what a breathwork exercise entails, watch her "Basics & Benefits of Breathwork" Guide here


Disclosure: If you are pregnant, have any medical condition, or are taking medication please consult with your doctor before doing breathwork.

If at any time you feel overwhelmed or excessively uncomfortable you can breathe though your nose, open your eyes or stop. If you have a history of trauma and/or feel you need guidance and support, we highly encourage you do this work with a breathwork practitioner. This work is deeply experiential.

Breathwork is not a substitute for psychotherapy, but it can significantly deepen and enhance psychotherapy and other healing and personal growth efforts.


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