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The Many Feelings of Motherhood

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Motherhood can look like... "I love my baby" -  "I miss my old life" - "I love seeing my partner as a parent" - "I miss the connection we had before baby" - "I love being a mother" - "I dislike the newborn stage" - "I enjoy spending time with my baby" - "I look forward to alone time"

Motherhood is unique and complex and joyful and emotional and so much more.

It’s important to know it’s ok to feel what you feel AND it’s ok if you need help sorting through your feelings.

You don’t have to do motherhood alone, your village is waiting for you.

--- Frame Therapist Gina Janc

About the Therapist: Gina Janc is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist with over 10 years experience providing therapeutic support to women and families navigating life transitions. She works virtually with clients in New Jersey and California. Outside of her work Gina enjoys practicing yoga, spending time with her husband and daughter traveling, and exploring new places in the world. 

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