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How Childhood Trauma Shows Up in the Workplace

Personal Growth, Career, Trauma
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Our work places have the tendency to be emotional environments because, well, humans are emotional.

Our work systems often replicate aspects of our family systems because we are working in a group within an established role. If our family systems were toxic and chaotic, we can feel stressed, uneasy and reactive at work where the stakes to do well are high. It can feel like the pressure to do well means life or death, as it may have felt as a child.

If you’re struggling to relax at work, exploring these ideas and what may be triggering you in therapy can be helpful.

- Dr. Natalie Zaragoza

About the author: Dr. Natalie Zaragoza is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Orange County, CA. She is part of the Frame Therapy community and owns an emotionally-focused and somatic-based private practice and is a part time professor. She was born and raised in Southern CA. Learn more about her approach by visiting her Frame profile here.