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Self Forgiveness Statements Around Body Image

Body Image
2 min read

Body image issues are challenging for a lot of people. It brings up a lot of anger, frustration, judgment, comparison, and so much more.

Here are some self forgiveness statements that can be really healing and nurturing if you are struggling with body image issues. See if you resonate with any one in particular.

I encourage you to write whichever one you resonate with on a post it and put it in a place where it is visible throughout the day.

Every time your eye catches the Post-it, place one hand on your heart, another on your belly, take some grounding deep breaths.

Repeat the statement to yourself until you feel it resonate as truth.

Body image challenges can be healed and it is possible to rewire your brain. The main tools to help are repetition, compassion, and patience.

Which statement you will commit to rehearsing for your own healing?

- Ilona Varo, Frame Therapist & Coach 

About the Therapist: Ilona Varo is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist based in California. Hear her speak more on the topic of self-love and body image by viewing her Frame profile here.