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3 Mantras For When Your Kid Has a Tantrum

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It can feel overwhelming (and sometimes even embarrassing) when our kids throw a tantrum. Try repeating one or two of these mantras to yourself in the moment:

1. I can take time to breathe. I can first self-regulate before moving to co-regulate. 

2. They are having big feelings right now. They are not their tantrums. 

3. The fact they are having a tantrum does not mean I am a bad parent. 

- Remember that a tantrum does not define a child, nor does it define a parent!
- Take a deep breath, center yourself before reacting.
- Remember to take time to regulate your emotions and response before trying to help them regulate themselves.
- Try to acknowledge their big feelings while working to co-regulate back to a calmer state.

- Yael Sherne

About the AuthorFrame therapist Yael Sherne is a licensed psychotherapist based in Los Angeles. She supports individuals and couples through pivotal life transitions, helping them find healing and happiness within themselves and their most important relationships. She specializes in perinatal mental health, relationship issues, and parenting. You can read more of her work by visting her Frame profile here.