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Exploration That Can Occur in Therapy

Therapy 101
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People choose to go to therapy for a variety of reasons.

Psychotherapists all work differently and when searching for someone to start this work with it is important to find someone that feels like a good fit. Many people use therapy as a space to explore their relationships. Humans are social creatures and learning how to cultivate and maintain meaningful and safe relationships can feel fulfilling and quite healing.

Through this process of self-exploration, individuals can begin to take themselves out of the old narratives they have clung to and begin to examine the larger picture of how they relate to others.

Many of us play the same relational dynamics with all the different people in our lives. Notice if you often feel like the caregiver with your friends and family? Or do you feel like everyone in your life is always telling you what to do? Or do you feel like you are surrounded by friends and feel so lonely?

It may feel useful to begin to identify these patterns with a professional, to get to know yourself better and with this insight decide how to play a more conscious role in your life and relationships and see what can come from that.

- Chelsea Sarai, Psy. D

About the author: Chelsea Sarai is a Los Angeles based Psychologist. Learn more about her practice
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