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7 Tools to Cope with Stress & Anxiety

Anxiety, Coping Skills
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In times of uncertainty, we often shut down due to feeling powerless and overwhelmed. Here are some ways to help ease anxiety in these situations. Save as a resource!

1. Be Kind to Yourself
Remember what is and isn't in your control. Be patient, kind and gentle with yourself. 

2. Describe Your Feelings
Use your words to describe your feelings. If words do not seem to do the trick, draw our your feelings in another way: do a creative dance, or any form of expression that allows for a release of the feeling. 

3. Small Daily Acts of Self Care
What are small things you can do everyday that help ease your stress? Light a candle, call a friend, find some time for an afternoon walk on a trail away from the city. 

4. Stick to a Schedule
Sometimes adding structure in an already stress and anxiety filled world alleviates the uncertainty of having to think through our days. 

5. Get Involved with Organizations
Get involved with organizations, fundraisers/communities that speak to your values and core beliefs. Sometimes engaging in activities that are larger than ourselves makes the uncertainty seem less "all consuming". 

6. Set Boundaries with News & Social Media 
Limit exposure ti the news, social media accounts that are triggering, or images that may be disturbing. If you must engage, perhaps find times that are set aside throughout the day that odder space for decompression. 

7. Seek Support from Those Around You Who May Feel Similarly! 

- Ilana Grines, LMFT


About the Therapist: Ilana Grines is a Californa based therapist specializing in anxiety, sexual health & dysfunction, depression, LGBTQIA, gender, and sexuality topics. Learn more and connect with Ilana by visiting her Frame profile here. Follow Ilana @dailytherapydose