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3 Mindfulness Practices for The Family

Coping Skills, Family
2 min read

Do you integrate mindfulness practices in your home? What I love most about mindfulness is that it can be practiced at any age or stage of life.

Kids especially LOVE mindfulness because they are mindful beings! They marvel in the simplicity and beauty of life. Have you watched a toddler look at a flower or a lady bug? They marvel in the details, the textures, the colors, the smells, the habitat, etc…

When we slow down and disconnect from autopilot mode we’re taking steps to integrate our mind, body, emotions, sensations. And a well integrated brain promotes health and well being!

Curious about how to integrate mindfulness in your home? Here are some ideas….

🌹Connect through the senses, talk about the sights, sounds, smells, textures, feelings associated with an experience.

🎁Express gratitude to one another, share something you experienced in your day that you’re grateful for, perform an act of service for someone

☁️Talk about feelings like clouds floating by. Each moment brings something new, difficult emotions are not permanent, same goes for positive feelings too! This is a good way to practice preset moment awareness.

--- Therapist Gina Janc

About the Therapist: Gina Janc is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist with over 10 years experience providing therapeutic support to women and families navigating life transitions. She works virtually with clients in New Jersey and California. Outside of her work Gina enjoys practicing yoga, spending time with her husband and daughter traveling, and exploring new places in the world.