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Why We Should Tap Into Our Resiliency...

2 min read

Frame Therapist Melanie Palor reminds us... We are mentally stronger than we think we are.

Across numerous ages of all my clients I’ve worked with this far, the attribute that is most common is resiliency. We all have the capability to move through tough times and keep ourselves going.

One key factor I’ve noticed is that people with resiliency when going through traumatic life events, also have a strong capability to be vulnerable and share what’s stressful.

Take the time to give yourself credit for being resilient and adaptable to all that has, and still continues to happen in the world, alongside with managing your own life’s stressors.


About the Author: Melania Palor is a California-based therapist whose specialties include women's issues, eating disorders, trauma, and work-life balance. View her Frame therapist profile here to learn more about Melania and schedule a free intro call with her to explore therapy. 
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