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Reframes for Better Communication

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Communication is not just about saying things with others, but also checking in with yourself about what you need or want to say.

Here are some examples of ways to communicate your needs. 

Instead Of: You never help me with tasks around the home. 

Try This: I feel overwhelmed with the home tasks. Can we work together to come up with a plan?

Instead Of:
You are doing it wrong, use your common sense. 

Try This: Self reflection time: You are feeling frustrated. What about it is wrong?

Instead Of: We just can't communicate. 

Try This: I am struggling to see how we can communicate effectively. Can we work on this?

- Dr. Veronica Eyo

About the author: Dr. Veronica Eyo is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Los Angeles, CA. She provide individual and couples counseling services, and have a passion for working with mamas, new and seasoned, and with first-generation college students. Learn more or connect with Dr. Eyo here.