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A Therapist's Guide to a Balanced Day

Personal Growth, Coping Skills
2 min read

Frame therapist Rodman Walsh shares 5 tools for a more balanced day. We challenge you to explore these tools starting today, and take note of any changes you see over the next week. 

Get Centered: A 1-3 minute simple meditation or silent dedication is a great way to feel connected and rooted, 

Gratitude: Reflect on a few things you're grateful for. This shifts our perspective and brings us to the present moment. 

Movement: Get up, move around, stretch. Our bodies hold tension and stress. Step outside, take a brief walk, get some sun. 

Breathe: Breathing is one of the most helpful tools and can be used anytime, anywhere. Take a deep inhale through your nose and a deep exhale through your mouth. Do this 5 times. Deep breathing slows down our central nervous system, which becomes activated when we are stressed or anxious. 

Relax/Unplug: Spend the last hour of your night unplugged from technology. Focus on relaxation. Reflect on gratitude. Get good rest. 

- Rodman Walsh, LMFT

About the Author: Rodman Walsh is a California based Therapist whose specialities cover relationship issues, personality disorders, general anxiety, and more. Check out additional content from Rodman by viewing his Frame profile here.