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9 Reasons Why We Second Guess Ourselves

Personal Growth
1 min read

Frame Therapist Natalie Jones shares 9 common reasons why people second guess themselves. Do any of these resonate with you? What are some of the reasons that you find yourself second-guessing your intuition?

- You want to believe that people and situations are inherently good. 

- You have been taught to dismiss your feelings through years of abuse or neglect.

- Relationships are a novelty to you. 

- You want to believe that despite your feelings, there can be a good outcome.

- Insecure about your ability to make decisions. 

- Other people around you minimize your decisions and feelings. 

- History of self-sabotage. 

- Your anxiety causes you to retract your feelings and opinions out of fear. 

- Low self-esteem. 


About the author: Dr. Natalie Jones practices insight-based therapy to help clients reflect on trauma and relationship challenges that they face. Learn more about Dr. Jones through her Frame profile here