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Common Signs of Depression

Depression, Coping Skills
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Depression is so much more than "feeling sad." It's more than crying spells. It's not always visible. Sometimes, depression can also look like:⁣

👎 Feeling numb or apathetic to what's happening in your life or around you⁣
👎 Struggling with getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, showering, or other basic needs⁣
👎 Isolating from others (usually because you feel like a burden to them)⁣

Anything can be a trigger for depression, from feeling lonely to a global pandemic - but it doesn't have to maintain a strong hold over you.⁣

Three quick tips to cope with depression:⁣
👍 Try to do something distracting that takes up a lot of your attention.⁣
👍 Schedule something small and manageable for each day to ensure you get out of bed. It could be as simple as watering your plants or taking the dog for a walk.⁣
👍 Text a friend to see how they are - it can be helpful to think about something outside of ourselves and focus our energy on someone else.⁣

- Frame Therapist Laura Sgro

About the Therapist: Laura Sgro, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist and EMDR practitioner based in Los Angeles, California. Laura specializes in working with high-achieving, people-pleasing, and anxious adults struggling with codependency, anxious attachment, and relationship trauma.