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Common Areas of Self-Development on the Journey to Adulthood

Personal Growth
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This is not a complete list but common areas of self and relationship development. These skills are an ever evolving process throughout the life span. 

Adults don’t just stop and become complete. Working with young adults usually means I help clients take a close look at least one of these areas.

  • Explicit awareness of your needs
  • Connected relationships
  • Work-life balance
  • Healthy Boundaries and limits
  • Stable identity and send of self
  • Awareness of hot spots and personal triggers
  • Responsibility for your own health and wellness

- Dr. Natalie Zaragoza

 About the author: Dr. Natalie Zaragoza is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Orange County, CA. She is part of the Frame Therapy community and owns an emotionally-focused and somatic-based private practice and is a part time professor. Learn more about her approach and read more of her content by viewing her Frame profile here.