Managing Layoffs & Team Morale


Lois Lim

With Lois Lim

Maintaining trust, morale, and motivation after team layoffs is a challenge, especially when those layoffs are due to economic pressures. 

As a manager, you set the tone, and for an empath, this can be overwhelming. How do you infuse energy into the team without overburdening yourself? How can you process the loss while still being productive? Frame Therapist Lois Lim is joined by our participant Katherine, a Finance & HR lead for a small jewelry business. After having to let go of half her team, she is still searching for ways to stay calm and balanced while carrying the emotional weight and running the company division. 

About Lois Lim: Lois is a Li censed Marriage and Family Therapist, who specializes in helping women overcome anxiety and stress in their life. Her goal is to help clients decrease their toxic mental chatter and increase intentional purposeful living.

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