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Traumatic Events Can Look Like...

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So many things that happen in life CAN be considered traumatic. This does not, however, mean that everything listed here will cause trauma or lead to PTSD.

I never feel it’s my place to tell someone what was traumatic or not. If it was traumatic to you, that’s all that really matters.

Why? Because if it was traumatic to you, then that means you’re being impacted after the incident/experience in some type of way whether that is ptsd, addiction and/or alternative trauma symptoms.

This also means that if you are still being impacted by this trauma, then it is important to understand that there are ways to manage the after effects of trauma and work on your addiction recovery.

I know that when you are able to connect with what is driving addictive behaviors, then you can increase awareness in the moment to stop yourself from continuing the behavior (of course this is when you’re in recovery mind not addict mind).

-- Katelin Hanhart, LCSW

About the author: Katelin Hanhart is a trauma & addiction therapist & coach. To learn more and explore her trauma resources, view her Frame profile here.