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6 Reasons To Go To Therapy

Therapy 101
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If you've never been to therapy, you might be asking yourself a few things:⁣
- Are my problems "big enough" to go to therapy?⁣
- Am I crazy if I go to therapy?⁣
- What even IS therapy?⁣

Unfortunately, mental health care is still stigmatized in the U.S., despite being a crucial part of one's overall health and wellness. 

But here's the thing: ANYONE can, and does, benefit from therapy, no matter how "big" or "small" your problems or emotions feel! ⁣

Even if you just want to learn more about yourself, or discover connections within your patterns of behavior, or talk to someone neutral about things -- therapy is for you.⁣

Above are 6 common (but unexpected) reasons folks go to therapy!⁣

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- Laura Sgro

- About the Therapist: Laura Sgro, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist and EMDR practitioner based in Los Angeles, California. Laura specializes in working with high-achieving, people-pleasing, and anxious adults struggling with codependency, anxious attachment, and relationship trauma. Explore more of her content, or reach out to connect, by visiting her Frame profile.