The Emotional Impacts of Racial Injustice

Racial/Cultural Identity

Dr Glenna Anderson DSW LCSW

With Dr Glenna Anderson DSW LCSW

In this Live Discussion, Therapist Dr. Glenna Anderson is joined by our participant Taayoo for a discussion around the emotional impact of racial injustice. Together they unpack how to make sense of your emotions and what cultural trauma looks like

About Dr. Glenna Anderson:

Dr. Glenna Anderson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a private therapy practice in Torrance, CA. She has coined the mantra “Therapy is a Lifestyle” which encourages one to make a concerted effort to focus on their mental health before it becomes a mental illness. As a therapist with nearly two decades of experience and education, she provides tools and resources to, not just manage our lives, but thrive in our lives despite the stresses and pressures that may affect us daily.

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