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New Moms & The Relationship to Their Phones...

2 min read

What's a reasonable amount of screen time in this early stage of motherhood?

It depends. It depends on your stage of motherhood and it depends on your personal goals for how you want to show up.

So where should you begin?

Step 1: What's your current number? Start with where you are. Check your current screen time. What's the daily total, the weekly average, and the top apps? Are you surprised by any of this? (Be honest; no one is judging you. Where are you now and does it feel good?)

Step 2: Gain/Loss list... what does phone time give you? What does it give your family? What does it cost you? What does it cost your family?

Step 3: What's it worth to you? Check-in with yourself. How does this feel? What is a balance that feels reasonable? How can you be the mom you want to be, and use the phone in a way that benefits you and your family?


About the author: Kylie Hempy is an MFT Trainee, with a specialization in Perinatal Therapy. Connect with Kylie and read more of her content by viewing her Frame profile here.