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How to Reach Your Potential for Growth & Change

Personal Growth
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A great reminder from Frame Therapist Dr. Mae Casanova... It’s important in our self-compassion practice and other growth practices to remember that we grow in the challenge zone.

There is a thin line between challenge and overwhelm so it’s important to continually have awareness around where you are. In overwhelm our hind, primitive brain kicks in. The fight, flight, freeze & fawn responses take over.

We can’t even access our prefrontal cortex during that time- the part that helps with integration, planning, decision making, long-term goals, short-term memory, rule learning and executive functioning.

Challenge zone allows us the opportunity to safely step out of the ‘known’ and explore life in the unknown.


About the Author: Dr. Mae Casanova is a licensed Clinical Psychologist owner of the group practice growgood psychology, based in San Diego. Follow her for more content @growgoodpsych