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4 Tips to Stay on Task

Coping Skills
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Staying focused and on task with goals is not always easy. Sometimes we just want to give up.

How do I stay goal-oriented?

Reflect. I ask myself what is working, what is not working, what is keeping me motivated.

Reframe. Maybe try a different POA (plan of action). Step away from what is not working and think about how you can approach your goals differently.

Refocus. Set mini-goals. Lots of mini-goals will get you to your bigger goal. Feeling overwhelmed? Then set a specific block of time each day so you don’t feel like you have to spend all day on a task. Also schedule something fun for yourself.

Refuse. Are you finding yourself distracted by other people’s needs? Refuse to give up your precious time away from achieving your dreams for other people’s needs.


About the author: Mary Barbour is a licensed therapist in California and through telehealth in Florida. Mary specializes in trauma, eating disorders, and psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. Mary integrates talk therapy with EMDR and Somatic therapies and is influenced by attachment theory, internal family systems, and accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy. Learn more about Mary and see other content she's authored by viewing her Frame profile here.