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4 Tips For Starting a Therapy Journal

Therapy 101, Personal Growth
2 min read

Journaling can be an incredibly useful tool in therapy. Here, Frame therapist Analee Phang shares 4 tips on starting your own journal. 

1. Identify Your Goals
Your treatment plan should help you outline your long term and short term goals in therapy. Making note of your daily goals can help with holding you accountable to those baby steps that make all the difference. 

2. Notice Your Emotions
Therapy is a wonderful place for getting in touch with your feelings. Noting how you feel on a day to day basis can help identify triggers, while also identifying patterns in your mood. 

3. Practice Gratitude
No matter how hard a day is, there is always something to be grateful for. Training your brain to look for the good can be an easy mood booster.

4. Reflect on Progress
Writing down events in our lives and reading over how things have changes c an be a powerful way to notice progress. Taking time to reflect on your progress in therapy can be a very validating experience. 


About the Author: Analee Phang is a California based  LMFT, who works with multiracial identifying women on building understanding of their identities and relationships. Click here to view Analee's therapist profile and learn more about her approach and style.

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